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Business Insurance

Make sure you and your business are covered

What is business insurance?

Running your own business takes a lot of passion, dedication, and investment (of time and money). It’s vital you have the correct insurance in place to cover you if something unexpected happens.

Ultimately, having the correct business insurance policy helps support you, your business, your clients, and the general public should the need arise.

Self-employed employers’ liability insurance

Employers’ liability insurance is there to provide a financial award to any of your employees who are injured or have property damaged while in your employment and during working hours.

Self-employed public liability insurance

As a self-employed professional, public liability insurance protects you, the business owner, against a claim from the public for financial loss, accident, or injury.

Self-employed professional indemnity insurance

Professional indemnity insurance will cover you if a client sues for a financial loss they have suffered as a result of your action or negligent advice.

Self-employed business interruption insurance

Business interruption insurance will mean you don’t lose out financially if you are unable to carry out your work due to a disaster.

Get your business insurance guide

Want to find out more about business insurance? Our in-depth guide gives a detailed breakdown of the different types of self-employed insurance. No jargon – just the information you need.

It’s yours to download and keep for free. Get your copy today!

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Making a claim

If you’ve already got a policy with us and need to make a claim, contact us on 0333 122 0250 or

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