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Self-employed mortgage guide

Straightforward advice for self-employed mortgages

More people than ever are self-employed, with the latest figures from the Office of National Statistics showing that 4.6 million people work for themselves. But getting on the property ladder or switching your mortgage deal when you’re self-employed isn’t always easy.

This guide explains what you’ll need to apply for a self-employed mortgage, what the different requirements are depending on how you run your business, and how to maximise your chances of getting a loan.

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Self-employed mortgage guide

by Crunch Mortgages

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What you’ll learn

  • Why it’s hard for the self-employed to get a self-employed mortgage
  • What you need to get a self-employed mortgage, depending on your business type
  • How to maximise your chances at getting a self-employed mortgage
  • When to consult an independent self-employed mortgage broker


  • Self-employed mortgage challenges
  • Basic requirements
  • Working out your true income
  • What mortgage can I get?
  • Making your case