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Late payment reminder templates

Late Payment Reminder Templates

Free letter templates for chasing overdue invoices

Sort those unpaid invoices and late payments

Late payment is a constant problem for freelancers, contractors, and small businesses. Often the last link in the supply chain and, consequently, the last to get paid.

That’s not how it should be though. You’re entitled to the exact same payment terms as the largest of businesses. You can also issue the same penalties for overdue invoices in line with your contracts or the protection provided under the Late Payment of Commercial Debt Act.

If you’re struggling with a non-paying client, download our series of late payment reminders and get that invoice paid.

Download your free reminder templates

Late payment reminder - letter 1 preview

Letter 1: Polite Nudge

A gentle reminder if your payment is overdue - in most cases, this will do the trick.

Late payment reminder - letter 2 preview

Letter 2: Firm reminder

Send this letter if you don't receive a reply after a week of sending the polite nudge.

Late payment reminder - letter 3 preview

Letter 3: Final notice

If another week of silence goes by with no payment, it’s time to issue some penalties.

How and when should I use these templates?

If you need to remind your client about an outstanding payment but don’t have a talent for officious-sounding correspondence, these late payment reminders are just what you need.

Letter 1: The polite nudge
Send this by post or email on the day your payment is due, if you haven’t received it. A hard-headed approach to credit control works best – so let your clients know you don’t mess around. Ask for a confirmation of receipt, so you know someone is dealing with it. It’s no good sending chaser letters if your client has moved offices!

Letter 2: The firm reminder
The first letter gives your client seven days to respond, so if a week goes by and you still haven’t been paid (or received a revised payment date), it’s time to fire off this letter. You may choose to send this by recorded post so you can guarantee your client has received it – a proof of receipt could come in useful should things go south.

Letter 3: The final notice
As per the warning in your second letter, if another week goes by without explanation and your bank account is still bare, it’s time to issue some penalties. You’re legally entitled to impose these costs, and don’t accept a client telling you otherwise! Recorded post is your friend here. You’ll get a proof of receipt and it’ll let your client know you mean business (if they didn’t already).

Need some extra help?

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