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Crunch Dormant Service

Need to take a break from your business?

Sometimes you need to take a bit of time out from your business, but you don’t want to have to go the whole hog by closing your company. That’s where The Crunch Dormant Service comes in. For just £6.50 + VAT per month (plus a one off £50 subscription fee) you can put it to sleep with confidence while you take on your next challenge or take a well earned rest.

During the period that you are on the Crunch Dormant Service we’ll keep your company ticking over, and we’ll be in touch with you when your annual return and year end accounts are due for filing. You’ll still have a limited use of your Crunch account to do things like raising expenses for essentials, along with still having the ability to record payments and submit your quarterly VAT returns.

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Get Crunch from just £29.50+VAT per month.

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