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Member’s Voluntary Liquidation

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Specialist Member’s Voluntary Liquidation (MVL) from the same people who took care of the 2014 Commonwealth Games in Glasgow.

Shutting shop and parting company with your business can be an exhausting and expensive process. Depending on your situation, an MVL (Members Voluntary Liquidation) could unlock more cash from your limited company because the company’s remaining profits are distributed to the shareholders as capital rather than dividends.

That’s where our partners at ContractorMVLs come in. With their multi-award winning service, ContractorMVLs make liquidation as easy and tax efficient as possible for thousands of contractors all over the UK.

ContractorMVLs are Licensed Insolvency Practitioners, offering bespoke advice and support to help you close down in the most effective way. The will take care of the legwork, delivering the majority of the cash and assets from your company on appointment. Unlike other MVL services, they will also recover VAT on all their costs and settle remaining liabilities after the MVL has taken place.


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