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Starting a Business

Start a business - it’s easy when you know how

How often do you wish you could quit your job and follow your dreams?

Well we’ve got news for you…

It’s not as hard as you think!

We’re here to prove to you that with the proper foundations and a bit of hard work, you can be one of the thousands of people getting out there and forging their own path in the world. And you don’t have to do it alone.

We specialise in helping aspiring entrepreneurs (just like you), escape the jobs they hate and do something they’re really passionate about.

Think of this page as a resource with all the ingredients you need to start a business.  We’ll guide you through everything you need to know in the form of plain English – from conceiving an idea to good bookkeeping – so you can take that exciting, life defining leap with confidence.

Whether you want to take it slow, starting a business alongside your day job or you want to jump in head first – you can get started from scratch today and be running your very own business in no time.


Why start your own business?

  • Work how, when, and where you want
  • Be your own boss
  • Earn your financial freedom
  • Achieve success through your own ideas
  • Be master of your own destiny


What's it all about?

Everything that was ever great started out as a simple idea. Have you got a solution to a problem? Do you want to earn a living doing what you love? If so, how can you make it unique to the market?

Figure out what you can offer the world and whether people would actually pay for it.


Put it all together

Your business plan establishes what your business is about, who it’ll serve and, most importantly – how you’ll go about it. It’ll essentially form the framework on which you build your business.

It can also be useful as the outline for your pitch to secure funding or get business partners on board (if you want).


Make your mark

We can’t emphasis enough how building a killer brand is the key to success for any business. Start off by coming up with a great name and logo that communicates what your business is about.

Also make sure you invest in your web and social media presence to directly engage with your audience and convert them into paying clients.

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How will you operate?

Sole trader or limited company. This determines your responsibilities, how your business will work legally and how you’re taxed. Weigh up the pros and cons depending on how you’d like to do business, then register with HMRC.

If you want to Go Limited, we’ll even form your limited company for you!


Manage the numbers

Accounting is a necessary part of business, but can be a daunting prospect for aspiring entrepreneurs. When starting a business you need to work out a system that works for you, or get an accountant on board to help you take care of it.

(Psst… We specialise in helping startups succeed with the perfect small business accounting setup – so you can focus on the fun stuff!)

Hit the ground running with Crunch

It’s our business to make your business a success

We’ve specially developed our service to help startups and small businesses flourish with a combination of simple to use online accounting software and unlimited support from our expert in-house accountants.

Everything you need for easy, hassle free accounting – all in one place.

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